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Rhapsody of a Starman
by Thaddeus Hutyra

A starman is flying through the Universe
a free man, one of that planet called Earth
a starman, the one catching the stars
travelling through distant galaxies
a true adventurer, not being afraid
to enter the black holes which could
shatter his own life and even the stars
he is keeping in the pocket of his coat
The starman is flying
through many dimensions
of the universes upon universes
godlike ones, of a shiny majesty
the universes which connect him
to the one who is simply our God
How he is enjoying these travels
these adventures of magnificent calibre
Life-giving, the true elixirs of the Universe
A delight for him, a celestial starman
the man of steel, a superman !

And although he is flying across the Universe
and is catching the stars and their rays
he finds always time, at least a little bit
to have a look at his beloved Earth
the one where he was born and grew up
one of some love stories he was through
and friendships, business challenges
From how many corners of the Universe
did he look at that planet, a grain
the grain of the Universe, indeed
And every time he looked at Earth
he saw her more and more beautiful
a diamond and a pearl of the Universe
How many nights and days did he look
from under the silvery moonlight
or from a golden stream of a star's rays
whether one in the Milky Way Galaxy
or far more away, from the outskirts
of the Universe never ending in fact

As so many times so far, yet again
he is looking at his beloved Earth
the one which is his deeply true love
Yes, he knows how many problems
are boiling up down there every day
the conflicts which shouldn't there be
so stupid from the other perspective
the one as he sees it, he, a starman
Don't they know it down there
their planet is only a grain
the grain of the Universe indeed ?!
The starman is looking at the Earth
this time from the surface of the moon
deeply concerned, thinking much
trying to find a right solution
for those people living down there
and those nations not knowing
about the widening doom scenario
hanging above them like a twilight
which is invitation only of their end

No, men women, say no to what's wrong
stand up towards the greatest powers
stand up towards those unjust
who seek only power, money, greed
who assault your privacy rights
through Prism or whatever other means
and ultimately turn against liberty
the liberty of us all, our statue
as the Statue of Liberty herself !
Stand up against those who pollute
and mismanage this rich poor planet
and turn her from a life giving one
to the dying one, a lost one
Don't let this pearl and a diamond
of the Universe to cease to exist
Don't let the climate warming
to go on unchecked till it's too late
Say no and reverse this wheel
bring your planet back on track
back to the beauty she is, interstellar one
the pearl and a diamond of the Universe
although nearly an invisible grain
the grain of the Universe, indeed !

Rhapsody of a Starman
part II
by Thaddeus Hutyra
Copyright © Thaddeus Hutyra
All Rights Reserved.

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