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Country profile: Poland/Timeline: Poland

Roma Holocaust victims speak out...

Genocide under the Nazis

US Holocaust Memorial Museum

European Roma Rights Centre

International Organization for Migration

Holocaust of Palestine:
In pictures: Inching into Gaza

US Holocaust Memorial Museum

Reza Pahlavi, king of thieves ... in plain sight ?

Black Friday Massacre - Iran (Sep. 8, 1978)

Iran used to be a Democracy - CIA Coups

Imperial History of the Middle East

Past US presidential debates, debates which changed history...


German intelligence files on ex-Nazis shredded


World Digital Library

Pope John Paul II

Nuremberg archive project

1945: Nuremberg trial of Nazis begins

Hitler's henchmen in the dock


Cambodian genocide programme

Alert News: Pope buried in St Peter's crypt/Pope 'considered standing down'/One million queue to mourn Pope/American presidents sought out John Paul II /Pope John Paul II dies in Vatican/Frail Pope suffers heart failure/Pope begins losing consciousness/Pope Losing Consciousness, Condition Is `Very Grave'/Retrospective/John Paul II Pontificate

Simon Wiesenthal Center

History: Interactive Map

Auschwitz Museum

UN special session

Holocaust Memorial Day Trust

Genocide under the Nazis

Spanish Civil War

Obama marks Armenian 'atrocity'...

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